NSA Exploited Heartbleed


nsaAs if everyone didn’t already have enough reasons to hate the National Security Agency, it has now come to light that the NSA may have known about the so-called Heartbleed bug that’s spread panic across the Internet this week, and taken advantage of it to gather information.

The NSA chose not to inform the public of the bug-a glitch in the way many websites protect sensitive information-and instead used it to collect passwords and other personal data while leaving average Internet users susceptible to hackers.

An NSA spokeswoman declined to comment on whether or not the agency knew about or used the bug. But if the claims are true, a former Air Force cyber officer and the director of a cyber policy think tank said, “It flies in the face of the agencies comments that defense comes first. They are going to be completely shredded by the computer security community for this.” Read more at Bloomberg.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


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