Nurse Says She Will Bust Out of Quarantine


HEALTH-EBOLANurse Kaci Hickox announced on the Today show today that she will leave home tomorrow in Maine, despite a 21-day quarantine.

“I don’t plan on sticking to the guidelines. I remain appalled by these home quarantine policies that have been forced upon me, even though I am in perfectly good health and feeling strong and have been this entire time completely symptom free,” she said.

Hickox already spent three days in a New Jersey isolation tent under Chris Christie’s orders after flying home from West Africa.  “I truly believe this policy is not scientifically nor constitutionally just, and so I’m not going to sit around and be bullied around by politicians,” she declared.

If she followed the voluntary quarantine, she wouldn’t leave her house until November 10. Maine’s governor said he’ll take her to court to keep her at home. Read more at TODAY.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Hard to understand that she’d travel around the world and risk infection to help those sick with disease yet wont spend a couple of weeks at home to prevent it from spreading. I guess working in Africa looks better on the resume and is more in vogue than being quarantined.

  2. She should be shot if she leaves the house. In democratic America, de-mock-racy would never allow that. But at the very least. She should be tranquilized and carried back in.

  3. im not sure if #1’s comment is more stupid or rishus. People dont want to be held against their will. Why is that hard to grasp?


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