NY: City Councilwoman Seeks Crackdown On Counterfeit Handbag Buyers


illegal-handbagsShoppers around the world flock to Canal Street for a great deal on fancy-looking handbags that are both cheap and fake.

But as CBS 2′s Steve Langford reported, but a City Councilwoman would like to see that change – and she is targeting the buyers.

“We want to sort of cut down on the demand,” said Councilwoman Margaret Chin (D-1st).

Chin said Sunday that she plans to introduce a bill that would slap a $1,000 fine on both the sellers and people caught buying the fake Chanel and Prada bags. Violators could also face a year in jail.

While selling the counterfeit handbags has always been illegal, there has been no legislation targeting buyers, Chin said.

“We see the transactions happening in the street in our community, and this has got to stop,” Chin said. “and it’s really a tool for the police officers, because when they see it happening, they can give a summons or arrest, you know, people who buy these things.”

Chin’s district includes Chinatown, which she said should not be the go-to place for counterfeit designer products.

“This business is illegal. It supports a lot of violence, you know, gangs. It also exploit workers,” Chin said.

Read more at CBS 2.

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  1. Great, besides being duped into buying a counterfeit product, we will also pay $1,000 fine and spend a year in jail. Obviously, we can’t expect most buyers to be savvy enough to tell apart the counterfeit or genuine merchandise – just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean it’s counterfeit. So, is it an attempt to force all commerce into the government approved retailers? So, will the next legislation throw a $1,000 fine and a year-in-prison on those that dare buying even genuine stuff from a non-approved retailer – example: Craigslist? Or perhaps, it’s just another example of the idiotic, controlling legislation and the idiotic control-freaks that steal our liberties one vote at a time.


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