NY Daily News: “Provision To Expand Yeshiva Bus Service On The Taxpayer Dime Makes Its Way Into State Budget”


school-busNew York – Language tucked into the tentative state budget could mean a more convenient bus ride home for yeshiva students, but leave taxpayers with a hefty bill.

State legislators have proposed expanding bus service to private school students who attend late afternoon classes. Nearly all of these students are in yeshivas.

Read the report at THE NY DAILY NEWS.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Very simple. We pay just as much tax as any other city parent, but do not receive any of it for education; while we pay $17,000+ per public school student. We do deserve at least transpertation. What’s the xost per child, $500 a year?

    The daily news did not even seek to present another view. Shame on them!


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