NY, Israel Museums Jointly Acquire Ancient Rambam


rambamThe Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and The Israel Museum in Yerushalayim  have jointly acquired a 15th-century handwritten and illuminated Rambam, they announced today.

The Rambam is the second of a two-volume manuscript featuring six large illustrations plus 32 smaller images and marginal decorations. The first volume is housed in the Vatican Library The two institutions said they would share the manuscript on a rotating basis.

This Rambam was created in 1457 in the style of Northern Italian Renaissance miniature painting. It was restored at the conservation lab of the Israel Museum, where it has been on loan since 2007 and on public view since 2010.

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{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. #2:
    Shame on you! Think how the vatican “acquired” our artifacts – rubbery, extortion, and inquisition comes to mind. We have every moral and legal right to our artifacts.


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