NY Newspapers Slander Orthodox Jews – And We’re Silent?


Dear Editor,

A New York Times op-ed, critical of Jared Kushner, finds it appropriate to make mention that he went to an Orthodox yeshiva.

A New York Post editorial slanders a well respected Supreme Court Justice from our community, emphasizing his “Orthodoxy” and falsely alleging a bias in favor of “Orthodox Jews.”

Why the silence from our civic leaders? Where is the public outcry?

Aaron Tyk, Esq.
Brooklyn, N.Y.



  1. True!!

    Although this is not the appropriate place to mention this, I will mention it anyway. How many of us are being slandered within our own communities and everyone is quiet?!

  2. I expect slander on Orthodox Jews from the New York Times and other media outlets. I don’t believe I have any ability to change it so what should I do other than ignore it?

  3. Did the fake NYT news also mention that the looters in Florida during hurricane Irma were Afro Americans who did not go to any Yeshiva?
    They’ll end up Yoshev be’Sesser, though:)

  4. Mr just me, the guy has a point. Hikind makes a tumult about every small thing; most recently a traffic stop in vermont. Yet he does not speak out against the NY papers. Why? Is he concerned that they’ll write negative things about him? What about his constituents? Are they chopped liver?

  5. I am not sure what the newspapers are saying but the scary feeling I have is that we are always at odds with the permanent-sinner community because we extol never to include abominations.

    Always a problem.

    • Can’t blame Jared for wanting Ivanka; she is a very attractive and smart woman.

      As for the possibility of Jared marrying into a family from Williamsburg – they would be the primary benefactors of such an arrangement.


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