NY Prisoners Used Power Tools to Escape


jail escapeA female prison employee is being questioned by cops after the escape of two convicted murderers from an upstate correctional facility over the weekend, a source told the New York Post. The paper also reports that the tools used for the escape don’t appear to have come from the prison itself, prompting officials to look into contractors hired to do major recent construction.

“They are looking into every aspect of these crews, any connections they might have to these two prisoners,” the source said.

Hundreds of police and corrections officers were searching rural communities near the Canadian border for David Sweat, 35, and Richard Matt, 49, who cut through their cells, scaled a 9ft wall and escaped through a manhole cover a block away.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has offered a $100,000 reward in what he referred to as “a crisis situation for the state.” Read more at the New York Times.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com}


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