NY State Gives New Square $1.6 Million for Shlachthois


shechitahNew York state has provided New Square with $1.6 million toward the construction of a massive poultry processing plant in the village, next door to New Hempstead. The state money was part of $153.6 million in “Restore New York” grants announced yesterday by Gov. David Paterson and Denis Mullen, the CEO and chairman of the state Empire State Development.

While New Square officials have laid the groundwork for construction of the plant, the Rockland County Planning Board has opposed construction of the proposed 26,250-foot-square-foot facility.

Neighbors outside New Square also have been vehemently opposed the plant, arguing the facility would infringe on their lives with odors and being aesthetically displeasing.

A 5,000-square-foot plant already has existed for years on the edge of New Square.

In a news release through the Empire State development , Mullen and Paterson said New Square’s realty arm, ZD Realty, has donated the surplus land for the project.

Adir Poultry Inc., located at 806 N. Main St., will run the plant. Adir runs the current facility at 830 N. Main St., which is adjacent to the proposed new plant.

New Square recently completed a rezoning process and the lot of the existing poultry plant was rezoned for residential use, according to the state news release.

The old poultry facility will be closed down and the land will be deemed surplus and no longer usable.

ZD Realty, the owner of both lots, will donate the commercially zoned lot for construction of the new facility in order to ensure that the economic and social benefits of this local enterprise remain within the municipality, the release stated.

{Lohud.com/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Wow, there goes that greedy government again! Stealing our money right and left! Anti-Semitic ogres who force Yidden to pay their taxes!

    And then giving it back in grants for business expansion. And to Jews, no less. Maybe those people who think government is always and completely against us should think a little more.


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