NYC Bill Would Require Some Bathrooms To Be Gender-Neutral


all-gender-restroomAiming to curb gender bias and harassment in New York City, officials are readying a plan that would require businesses to convert some restrooms to gender-neutral facilities, the AP reports.

Legislation is being introduced that would require publicly available, single-occupancy restrooms in both public and private buildings to be designated as gender-neutral.

It would also amend the language of some city laws, including the plumbing code, which requires separate lavatories for men and women.

“This is a very important issue,” said New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, whose office is releasing a report Friday recommending the changes. “It’s time to help individuals who identify as transgender to use the bathroom without fear of consequence.”

The AP adds that the law would require businesses to place new signage on existing restrooms to identify them as gender-neutral. It would not apply to multistall lavatories.



  1. This is all thanks to the Jews who e been voting Democrat for all these years and helped put these Justices in place. Its to late to complain now


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