NYC Can Collector Owns More Than $8M In Real Estate


An eccentric Brooklyn woman who drives a graffiti-covered clunker isn’t just a can collector, she’s a brownstone collector with real estate holdings worth more than $8 million, records show.

But little did angry locals know that the woman behind the wheel has an MBA and a $1 million co-op adjacent to Prospect Park — while sitting on at least three Harlem properties, with one having an estimated market value of more than $4 million, according to a city assessment.

Lisa Fiekowski, who began collecting cans ten years ago, says she earns $20 to $30 for several hours of work a day, but it keeps her healthy and fit.

Fiekowski, whose husband makes about $180,000 a year working for the city, officially went into real estate in the mid-’80s, buying up properties in Harlem.





Read more at NY POST.




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