NYC Cops Accused Of Storing Bodies In Transit Worker Break Rooms


New York City police reportedly have dumped bodies in transit worker break rooms.

“Leaking” corpses of people killed by subway trains are often brought to employee lunch rooms and other break areas inside stations, disgusted union officials and sources said on Monday.

“If a lunch room is the nearest, they’ll put it in the lunch room,” the source said.

In a statement, an MTA spokesperson said that “it’s of the utmost importance” that anyone who dies in the subway system is removed from the tracks and platforms as fast as possible “to restore service quickly and to give humane treatment to the deceased and their family.” Read more at Fox News.




  1. Typical Selfish Union — The way they see it, it’s better to leave the deceased on the station platform and they shouldn’t lose their precious lunchroom for a few hours.


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