NYC Corrections Union Boss Arrested


The head of New York City’s corrections officers’ union was accused by prosecutors of taking bribes from a hedge fund manager.


He was arrested at his home Wednesday morning without incident, said Kelly Langmesser, a Federal Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman.

A person agreed to pay Seabrook bribes that were expected to total hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to the complaint.

Seabrook in exchange directed that $20 million of the union’s funds would be invested with the person’s company, according to the government.

After Seabrook directed that $20 million of the union’s money be invested with the company in 2014, the U.S sent the company and the union federal grand jury subpoenas in May 2015 seeking details bout the union’s investments in Platinum.

No further investments were made, prosecutors said.


  1. “The president of a powerful New York City corrections union was arrested by FBI agents this morning at his Bronx home”

    Okay, I can understand that.
    But then it says:
    “Seabrook will be suspended in the meantime”

    Well, duh! What a bold move. If he’s been arrested, how will he be able to come to work?


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