NYC: Final Round In Brawl For City Hall


bloomberg-thompson1The New York City mayoral race is among the key contests being decided on Election Day. Billionaire incumbent Michael Bloomberg isn’t taking any chances, in what’s being called the most expensive self-financed campaign in history. City Comptroller William Thompson Jr. spent part of his last full day of campaigning in Chinatown blasting the incumbent two-term mayor whose job he wants. The Democratic challenger repeatedly attacked Mayor Bloomberg for allegedly neglecting the poor and middle class while helping developers.Thompson also criticized the mayor for overturning two voter referendums so he could seek a third term, and he stressed the need for everyone to vote.

“A day of decision, a day if we vote, we’ll really change New York City,” said Thompson. “Make sure you come out and vote.”

Meanwhile, Bloomberg was putting the icing on the cake, red velvet that is, as he worked alongside cake man Raven Dennis in Fort Green, Brooklyn on one of his many stops on the stump Monday as he visited a business in every borough that he says has benefitted from his programs.

Over the weekend, at campaign speeches, the mayor also stressed the need to improve voter turnout, saying a shockingly small number were expected at the polls November 3.

“Please go out and vote. Get friends to vote, we haven’t done a very good job of going to the polls,” said Bloomberg.

A new poll says Thompson has narrowed the gap a few points.

The Quinnipiac University survey finds Thompson 12 points behind Bloomberg, with one day of campaigning left before Election Day.

The poll found Bloomberg with 50 percent and Thompson with 38 percent.

{CBS Broadcasting/ Newscenter}


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