NYC Mayor De Blasio: America Has a ‘Democracy Problem’


de-blasioThe United States has a “democracy problem” because not enough people are voting, says New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“We have declining voter turnout,” the Democrat said Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

De Blasio was responding to an interview with Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who criticized Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for saying Republican oppose early voting because they want to suppress votes.

Christie said he opposes increased early voting because he doesn’t want to give more opportunities for people to commit voter fraud, but added, “Maybe what’s what Mrs. Clinton wants to do.”

De Blasio took umbrage, saying, “I think what Gov. Christie is saying distracts from the core point of the dialogue we have to have. … I think Gov. Christie should speak to the proposal rather than just attacking her personally.”

Host John Dickerson countered that de Blasio singles out Republicans in his criticism, but that his own city has restrictive voter rules.

“Hillary Clinton didn’t quite mention that,” Dickerson said. “By making it so political doesn’t it undermine her case?”

De Blasio disagreed, saying Clinton is right about “a national vision.”

“But I don’t think New York City or New York state are doing well enough either,” he said. “Our elections are governed by state law and for long time I’ve believed we need to make fundamental series of reforms.”

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