NYC Spends More on Recycling Collecting Than Regular Trash

The Wall Street Journal reports that New York City, which produces roughly 24,000 tons of garbage daily, spends more on collecting and exporting a ton of recycling than it does for the same amount of regular trash, according to a new report released Thursday.
The findings from the New York City Independent Budget Office, a fiscal watchdog organization funded by the city, come as the city hits the halfway point in a two-decade strategy for how the Department of Sanitation deals with the 12,000 tons of waste it handles daily. The other half of the city’s refuse is handled privately. Read more at the Wall Street Journal.


  1. The city’s recycling policy is for the birds! If there is -by mistake- recyclable garbage in the regular garbage, they will leave that garbage, rather than take it along with the rest. It will be left to rot and foul up the environment. And if they throw the garbage on the floor, they don’t pick it up, and the property owner is issued a summons for rubbish on the sidewalk. All this is done on Shabbos, when we can’t even complain.


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