NYC to Ban Foam Cups This Summer



Plastic-foam food and drink containers will be banned in New York City beginning July 1. The city council approved legislation last year – proposed by the Bloomberg administration – to prohibit single-use cups, clamshells, and trays made of polystyrene from being sold or provided by restaurants, food carts, and stores.

The de Blasio administration announced today that a year-long review of the legislation found that polystyrene, popularly but inaccurately called Styrofoam, can’t be reused or recycled, so it will be banned. Read more at

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Not a bad move. The stuff lasts forever. Some rabbonim have also suggested that there’s a kashrus problem, because tarfus is used in the production, remains within the foam, and when heated can pass into the food. Not everybody holds this way, obviously, but it’s enough for me to have quit buying styrofoam and reverting to using good old china cups for kli shlishi on Shabbos.

    We’ll save money in the long run by not having to pay so much for landfills, and avoid a possible sheilah in kashrus, too.

  2. …. Government decides to ban the sale of palm fronds because it’s harmful to the environment…..Government decides sheering sheep is animal cruelty, selling wool — illegal.

    Time — do you really want them going down this slippery slope.

    As for cost, that’s completely not true, look up the word, free market.

  3. New Yorkers should ban toxic de Blasio. He is turning much more toxic than anything I could imagine.

    Crazy how the last two New York mayors think that they were elected to start banning things.

    Nanny-staters rejoice!

  4. How will they package meat? Like they did in the old days, on waxed cardboard. It’s also cheap,disintegrates in landfills, and doesn’t make shailos. You aren’t old enough to remember, that’s all. And cardboard is a renewable resource – it’s made from trees. You cut down one tree, plant another one and in a few years you’ve got another tree to use. Too simple for modern techno-fogged minds, I guess.


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