NYPD Chase Suspects at Crown Heights Dorm


nypd crown heightsBrooklyn, NY – The NYPD conducted a search in the dormitory building of the Central Tomchei Temimim Yeshiva located at 749 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights Wednesday.

Police conducted the search for 2 young men who were seen by police on the roof of the building, holding what appeared to be a taser or BB gun.

They were spotted by chance, after a police helicopter searched the area for a suspect in an unrelated shooting on nearby Clarkson Avenue.

After spotting them on the roof, police officers entered the building to search for the two people and to inquire about the weapons.

Students at the scene reported seeing a student in handcuffs, it was not clear whether he had actually been arrested.

Police located a BB gun in one of the dormitory rooms, which they confiscated.

A member of the yeshiva administration told COLlive they know nothing about the incident, however if these two suspects were indeed bochurim they will be dealt with accordingly.




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