NYPD Commissioner: I Used Anti-Terror Plane Because I’m Busy


Police Commissioner James O’Neill on Wednesday admitted that he’s been shuttled around “three or four times” on the NYPD’s $4 million, federally funded spy plane and defended the use because he’s “busy,” the NY Post reports.

The top cop also said he was never once aboard the Cessna 208 Caravan for the counterterror business it is intended for. “Me on a counterterror mission? No, that’s not my job,” he said at an unrelated press conference. The police commissioner has a very busy schedule, as you might appreciate. Sometimes to get to different places, we need to do it quickly.”

O’Neill last flew aboard the plane to attend the funeral of 29-year-old state trooper Nicholas Clark in western New York on July 8. “I went to the state trooper’s funeral to pay my respects,” he said.



  1. I don’t understand. Who is in charge of that plane? Who controls, who goes on it and who does not? Federally funded?! Does the US government care? Isn’t allowing any “busy” person to leisurely take a ride a total misuse of funds?!
    Let’s say this O’Neill character was misusing this plane when all of a sudden there was a real terrorist threat that came in? They would have to land the plane first. Let this bum off. And then go take care of the terrorists. In the meantime, thousands of American lives could of been lost! This is such an outrage, there are no words to describe the irresponsibility of the police chief! He admits that he has “nothing to do with that department”. So what was he doing on that plane?! And it’s the same thing for that lazy-good-for-nothing that occupies Gracie Mansion. I heard he did the same thing the other week.
    So I guess the next time I’m in a rush, if I see a police car sitting around, I’ll just jump in and drive to wherever I have to go, sirens and all. Great. Maybe I’ll try that on visiting day.


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