NYPD: Terrorists Looking At Drone Attacks


dronePolice say operators flew a drone too close to an NYPD helicopter that was on patrol at the George Washington Bridge and forced the chopper to change its course to avoid a collision early Monday morning. As a result, the two men were arrested.

Daniel Rose is an aviation lawyer. He points out that a bird brought down the jet in the Miracle on the Hudson incident. So a drone could do that or worse.

“To have a piece of metal, essentially, that high up in the sky coming in contact with a plane, a plane’s engine, a plane’s flight control system, a helicopter, can do a myriad of different types of damages including bringing the plane down,” Rose says.

Rose says drones are a fast-growing industry. Anyone can buy and operate one. He says the FAA is in the process of attempting to develop regulations, but that could take a year or longer.

Read more at MY FOX NY.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The title says “Terrorist” are Looking at Drone Attacks, but no where in the article is terrorist referenced. Were terrorist arrested operating the drone? Was their intention to bring down copter?

  2. The George Washington Bridge drone was a thousand feet away from the police helicopter and not on a collision course. No existing laws were broken and no lives endangered. Just another case of lying cops furious that the “subjects” dare to do things that only the “rulers” should be allowed to do: technology is to be utilized by the government without any restriction or accountability, the governed should get by with the XIX century know how.


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