NYPD Ticket Writing Picking Up, But Still Lags Far Behind Normal Levels


nypdThe NYPD slowdown that has cost the city millions of dollars is slowly coming to an end.

But while ticket activity was up last week, it was still well below normal levels, CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported.

With cops and ticket agents working in pairs for their own protection following the ambush killings of two officers, a drop in activity was to be expected. But the93 percent reduction in ticket writing that New York saw last month was extraordinary – a clear sign police were unhappy and frustrated.

Bratton was on the defensive, and he ordered a review of ticket-writing activity to ferret out the offenders.

“Let me say the NYPD never stopped working,” the commissioner said. “911 calls have been responded to.”

Bratton also met with union leaders to discuss the slowdown.

The effect was noticeable.

The department’s CompStat Unit reported just over 12,000 tickets written the week ending Jan. 11. That nearly tripled to more than 32,000 tickets the week ending Sunday.

But activity is still well below levels of a year ago.

• Last week, the NYPD issued 14,399 parking tickets – a 37.5 percent drop from the same week last year.

• Cops wrote 14,367 moving violations – a 27.9 percent drop from 2013.

• Officers issued 3,283 criminal summonses for minor offenses, such as public drinking – down 55.8 percent from last year.

By one estimate, the city $3 million in lost ticket revenue. The police unions all deny there was any organized slowdown.


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


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