NYPD: We Would Have Done A Better Job In Charlottesville


The deadly clashes in Charlottesville would never have taken place in the Big Apple — because the NYPD keeps rival protesters far from each other, local law-enforcement sources said Sunday.

“We would have drawn the lines in the very beginning,” a high-ranking official said.

“We put the barriers up. If they’re going to march, we have our cops that are going to march on both sides of their march. They wouldn’t be allowed to intermix.

Cops in Charlottesville came under fire for being under equipped after Saturday’s fatal car crash, in which a neo-Nazi drove into a crowd of anti-racism protesters. Read more at NY POST.




  1. Yeh, big talkers. When the black lives matter thugs were ILLEGALLY walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and stopping traffic, those tough girls from the NYPD did NOTHING!!! The leftist liberal, Bill Bratton, was petrified of being called the dreaded “Racist” word. Let’s see what the donut eaters do when they start protesting outside Trump Tower this week.

  2. Police were ordered to stand down just before the incident, as confirmed by ACLU. This violence was planned by the liberals and sponsored by George Soros. They were hoping for it to lead to civil war and introduce martial law bringing the military into the picture.


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