Obama Admin Confirms: We May Free Pollard to Save Peace Talks


pollardFor years President Obama has resisted Israeli requests to free Jonathan Pollard. Now with its peace process on the verge of collapse, the White House is taking a second look at releasing Israel’s most notorious spy.

An administration official confirmed to The Daily Beast that the possible release of Pollard, although not likely, is now on the list of items being discussed between Secretary of State John Kerry and Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu as part of a formula whereby he and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas would both agree to extend peace talks past their April 29 deadline. The release would sweeten the pot for Netanyahu, who is being asked to release even more Palestinian prisoners as part of the deal to extend negotiations.

Inside the Obama administration, Kerry first raised the idea of adding the Pollard release to the mix of possible incentives months ago, but initially faced resistance from the White House. But as the clock winds down on the nine month-long talks and both sides toughen their bargaining stances, the administration is no longer outright rejecting the idea when proposed from the Israeli side.

“This is one of many things that is being discussed as a means of extending the talks,” the official told the Daily Beast. “At the past three junctures (with the Israelis), we’ve said no, these are two separate things. Now it looks as if the Israeli strategy of trying to get us to conflate the issues has gained traction. There is White House buy in on this.”

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. There is a saying: Beware of Romans bearing gifts.
    I think that it is a little bit funny that Clinton and Bush, who were considered greater friends of Israel than Obama, refused to free Pollard, and, all of a sudden, Obama is willing to free him. In exchange for what. . .?

  2. But if Pollard represents such a danger to the public at large, why would the US Government release this menace now???

  3. Pollard does not want to be released under this criteria. He did what he did on behalf of Israel and will not allow the United States to blackmail Israel into releasing murderous terrorists for his release.

  4. I would not pay attention to unconfirmed reports from anonymous sources.

    In any case, Pollard will indeed be released November 21, 2015.

  5. Good to know that the prestigious president with the Harvard law credentials and the hope and change has indeed chosen to use his humanity for a man whose life is clearly in very bad order and health to become a pawn for the predictive value of a chiseled U.S.-Israel policy in an era of lost beginnings.

    Obama is like an officer of the peace who holds your drivers license in his squad car for another hour while letting you sit on the curb and keep praying for a good outcome only to list you are in contempt of human development and cast your future to a wave of lost identity.

    Obama is the clay hat that no one needs.

    Goodbye to you in Jan 2017.

  6. Just how clueless is Obama?
    And why doesn’t he demand any sort of concession from the other side, like iron-clad basic acceptance of Israel’s right to exist, with sanctions if they say later, just kidding, our religion lets us lie for expedience.


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