Obama Administration Withholding Full Contents Of Emails Over Fox News Benghazi Report


kerryThe Obama administration is withholding the full contents of a “media strategy” discussion over a Fox News report on Benghazi, claiming that releasing them would have a chilling effect on their “frank deliberations.”

The seven-page email chain was in reference to a Fox News report on Sept. 27, 2012, that the intelligence community knew within 24 hours that Benghazi was a terrorist attack.

The emails, with the subject line “Fox News: US officials knew Libya attack was terrorism within 24 hours, sources confirm,” was circulated at senior levels of the administration. Denis McDonough, the president’s deputy national security adviser during Benghazi; John Brennan, the former White House counterterrorism adviser; and presidential communications adviser Ben Rhodes, whose Sept.14 email linked the anti-Islam video to Benghazi, were all part of the discussion.


“A seven-page dialogue concerning one Fox News report to me demonstrates an alarm bell situation where they are reacting to and trying to shape a response,” senior Judicial Watch investigator Chris Farrell told Fox News. “There was a contrarian news report that didn’t align with their position and they were clearly reacting to it in a way that would help reinforce their position.”

Read more at FOX NEWS.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Of course the Obama Administration is withholding this Benghazi information now. It is because Obama & Co. are too busy trying to divert people’s attention away from Benghazi with their release of all that global warming information.

    This Obama Administration just loves to play politics — even with cow belching!

  2. Why did you post a picture of the Lurch? He had nothing to do with Bengazi. It was Madame Hillary that told the Family of the MURDURED Americans: “What difference does it make”!


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