Obama Attempts to Justify Not Visiting Israel as President


obamaIn an interview with NBC News late last week, President Barack Obama attempted to justify why he has not visited Israel since becoming president.

“The truth of the matter is, there are a number of countries I didn’t visit,” Obama said. “I visited Israel just a couple of months before I was president.”

“Given how important I think the situation in the Middle East is and our partnership with Israel, which is stronger than it’s ever been, when I go to Israel, I want to make sure that we are actually moving something forward,” the president continued.

While Obama did not elaborate on what he meant by “moving something forward,” it is likely that he was referring to peace negotiations, which have been deadlocked during his presidency.

The Romney campaign fired back with a statement calling Obama’s Middle East foreign policy a “failure.”

“After promising to make peace a top priority, the president sought to place ‘daylight’ between the United States and Israel, and failed to engage in the peace process,” said Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg. “His excuse for not visiting Israel is that ‘there are a number of countries’ he ‘didn’t visit.’ But President Obama fails to recognize that Israel isn’t just any other country – it is our closest ally in the Middle East. As President, Mitt Romney’s first overseas trip will be to Jerusalem, and under a Romney Administration, the world will never question America’s solidarity with Israel.”


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I do not feel slighted in any way that Mr. Obama has not yet visited Israel while in Office. I plan to give him a 2nd term and expect that to be his priority in the next 4 years. I think that this is a trite argument considering these matters are before him each day.

  2. How about he is busy dealing with the most powerful and influential country in the world? Please, people, give this man a break!

  3. Does anybody remember when Bush visited Israel during his first term? Because I don’t. Stop making issues where they don’t exist.

  4. A break? OK, how about a vacation, lets allow him to spend the next four years in Hawaii? or anywhere else but in Washington??????

  5. If the his “partnership” with Israel is so important to him, it should be from the first places that he visits, keep the lies going President Hussein Obama. Either way it’s Eretz Yisroel can do without his visits, when a Rasha comes to a place, he brings along Klala with him to the place he comes to.

  6. Hey #5, Uncle George, why do you have to give used- car salesmen such a bad name by comparing them to eved ki yimloch in chief??


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