Obama Compares Slavery to the Holocaust


obama1President Barack Obama says slavery is a terrible part of the United States’ history and should be taught in a way that connects it to current events. Obama compared the legacy of slavery to the history of the Holocaust. He said both are horrible parts of history that cannot be ignored. He said in a CNN interview that their lessons must never be forgotten and applied to current situations in Darfur and Congo. Obama returned to Washington early this morning from a trip that took him to Russia, Italy and Ghana. It was the first trip to sub-Saharan Africa for America’s first black president.Obama and his family visited a West African castle where traders once shipped slaves to the New World.

Obama was interviewed Saturday for CNN’s “Anderson Cooper: 360.” A brief excerpt was released today.

{Chicago Sun-Times/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Rav Yisrael Salanter said, not everything that is thought should be said, not everthing that is said should be written, not everything that is written should be published.

    I believe that there are comments that can be made, but one should do so very carefully.

  2. Where were you people last year when condi the mchasheyfa rice said that the “suffering” of the poor palestinians in gaza atr the hands of the israelis was comparable to the discrimination of the blacks in the rural south???
    THATS much worse than obama,s very appropriate correlation!!!

  3. Let’s stop playing “My catastrophe was greater than your catastrophe.” The Holocaust was horrible. Slavery was horrible. Why do we have to try to keep score like it’s some sort of macabre baseball game?

    The major point – neither should ever happen again.


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