Obama: It’s My Iran Deal or War


obamaPresident Obama said Wednesday there is no alternative to the deal negotiated between the United States and Iran other than war.

“Either it’s resolved diplomatically through negotiations or it’s resolved through force, through war,” Obama told the press from the East Room of the White House.

Obama said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other critics have not presented an alternative to the deal. “What I haven’t heard is, ‘What is your preferred alternative?’” Obama said his critics wanted to eliminate Iran’s nuclear capacity, peaceful or otherwise, which he said was unrealistic.

Challenging criticism that the deal will enrich Iran and help it further destabilize the Middle East, the president said the deal is only meant to stop Tehran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon, nothing more.

“The starting premise of with our strategy with respect to Iran is that it would be a grave threat to the United States and our allies if they obtained a nuclear weapon,” Obama said. “We have always recognized that even if Iran does not get a nuclear weapon, that Iran poses challenges to our interests and our values….”

That said, the deal will hopefully form the basis of a constructive relationship between the West and Iran.

“But we’re not betting on it,” Obama said, adding that the resolution of the nuclear issue will help unite allies to pressure Iran on its use of terrorist proxies.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. He also admitted that Iran has rockets pointing at Tel-Aviv R”L right now.
    The threat to Israel from Iran is not a nuclear bomb. The threat is that by unfreezing 100 billion dollars in assets Iran will buy better and more dangerous weapons R”L.
    The third alternative which Obama did not mention is to simply leave the sanctions in place. This would further weaken the Iranian economy and leave them unable to buy weapons and sponsor global terrorism.

  2. it’s my way or the highway – DICTATORSHIP – not in these once upon United States of America !!!!!!!!!!!

    You don’t need War to eliminate the Iranian BOMB – you just one sortie of Cluster Bombs and it’s over – not for 10 years but for a century.


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