Obama: ‘May This Hanukkah Embolden Us To Do What Is Right’


obama-chanukah1President Barack Obama sent a message with wishes for a happy Chanukah today, ahead of the first night of Chanukah.

Obama wished for this Chanukah to “embolden us to do what is right.”

Obama’s full statement is as follow:

“Over the eight nights of Hanukkah, Jews across America, Israel, and the world will remember an ancient triumph of freedom over oppression, and renew their faith in the possibility of miracles large and small.

“Even in the darkest, shortest days of winter, the Festival of Lights brims with possibility and hope. The courage of the Maccabees reminds us that we too can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. The candles of the Menorah remind us that even the smallest light has the power to shine through the darkness. And the miracle at the heart of Hanukkah – the oil that lasted for eight nights instead of only one – reminds us that even when the future is uncertain, our best days are yet to come.

“May this Hanukkah embolden us to do what is right, shine a light on the miracles we enjoy, and kindle in all of us the desire to share those miracles with others. From my family to yours, Chag sameiach.”

{Gavriel Sitrit-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Chag Chanukah Sameiach dear President Obama please do what is right and let our dear brother Jonahtan Pollard live out with his wife Esther in The Holy Land his life his 29 years in prison are not a fair punishment compared to the others who spied and gave secrets to our enemies Russia this will be your legacy of your presidency


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