Obama Mocks Republican Presidential Field: “Bus Full of Uncle Harries”


obamaPresident Barack Obama had a little fun on Thursday talking about the GOP presidential contenders, comparing the seemingly ever-growing field to a certain book series, Politico reports.

“They’re going to be making a whole bunch of stuff up, and when I say a lot of stuff, I mean a lot of stuff,” Obama told a crowd at the University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse, where he was delivering remarks. “You know, we’ve got some healthy competition in the Democratic Party, but I’ve lost count on how many Republicans are running for this job. They’ll have enough for an actual Hunger Games,” Obama cracked, to the audience’s amusement and applause.

“That is an interesting bunch,” Obama said, also comparing the “bus full” of candidates to your crazy “Uncle Harry” at Thanksgiving who says stuff “that makes no sense.”

{Matzav.com Newscenter}



    You wait until the Press, the GOP and all of America will publish your quotes and your promises that you NEVER delivered.

  2. Firstly barak hussein u r the most incompetent person to have lived in the white house ( besides for Jimmy carter)
    Second as far as delivering to this great nation ( which I will certainly do. I will make this nation great again) u put this country in the worst situation imaginable.
    Thirdly all the people including the black community that voted for u are waiting for a Republican to come back. It would be truly horrendous if hillary would continue ur horrible job.
    Ur job on isis is nil, as well as ur stance on gun control. U ruined the medical insurance industry with obamacare.
    where is the change u promised in 2008? The only thing u changed was that in 2012 u were anti same gender traditional marriage. .. fast forward to
    2015 u became pro same gender marriage.
    U bow down to muslim foreign leaders. I made u realease ur birth certificate. U have more vacations
    days than work days. U play more golf than u have security briefing about national security. U allow dangerous mexicans raise the crime level and who bring in millions of dollars worth of marajana. I can go on and on, but I think u get the picture.
    U cheated the people of the greatest nation on this earth.

    U will be welcoming me in to the white house next year. Until then u r a worthless use of space in Washington

    Love, Donald

  3. Actually he was kind. The Republican field is a mix of bigots, extremists, bullies, and water carriers for special interests who put their own welfare over that of the country.


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