Obama: My Administration Has Done More For Israel’s Security Than Any Other


obamaDefending himself sharply against Republican attacks, President Barack Obama told a Jewish group Friday that his administration has done more than any other in support of Israel’s security, and he declared his support for Israel to be “unshakable.”

“So don’t let anybody else tell a different story,” Obama said. “We have been there and we will continue to be there. Those are the facts.”

Obama never specifically referenced his GOP critics in his remarks to more than 5,000 listeners at a conference of the Union for Reform Judaism. But his comments came amid sustained attack from the GOP presidential field over his record on Israel, with Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and others accusing him of throwing Israel under the bus and siding with the Palestinians.

Ahead of Obama’s remarks Friday, the Republican National Committee organized a conference call where former Sen. Norm Coleman of Minnesota asserted that Obama “has a serious policy problem with Israel.”

Obama strongly disputed any such criticism.

“I am proud to say that no U.S. administration has done more in support of Israel’s security than ours. None. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. It is a fact,” he said.

“We will keep standing with our Israeli friends and allies just as we’ve been doing when they needed us most.”

In support of Obama’s claim, administration officials cite high levels of defense spending and military cooperation as well as comments from Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and other Israeli officials.

Barak also spoke at the conference and Obama met with him Friday on the sidelines.

Republicans point to Obama’s public pressure on Israel over building settlements in disputed areas and on the peace process, including a call to use Israel’s 1967 borders, with agreed-upon land swaps, as the basis for peace negotiations. Critics say those borders are indefensible, though they often neglect to mention Obama’s emphasis on land swaps to account for Jewish settlements and other current conditions.

Obama expressed frustration Friday with the stalled peace process, which his efforts have failed to revive. But he promised to keep trying.

“I have not wavered and will not waver,” the president said.

“The special bonds between our nations are ones that Americans hold dear. …They’re bonds that transcend partisan politics – or at least they should.”

{The Associated Press/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The public shouldn’t be so foolish again. Just mentioning 67 borders, was the most inflicting damaging thing anyone could do to ultimately cause pain and death to ??? ????? Hashem Yerachem rachmana Litzlan. The way he treated Bibi Netanyahu, the appointed Prime Minister, walking out on him without any remorse or apology, and his total feeling and expression of dominance over all of Israels (??? ?????’s) security, shows his lack of the Middle East security needs and the type of people we have to live with. These didn’t happen once but countless times. Hes a disgrace for America and he constantly devalues the Jewish rights to live in peace. He’s a Liar and says what he has to, to get his votes. He helps on the outside and undermines from within. He’s a total disaster and a rabid antisemite.
    To all N.K. members who constantly are at the forefront of chillel Hashem across the globe, firstly, you have to understand that even if we aren’t at the time yet when we have Eretz Yisroel, a vital missing point in your actions reveals your lack of understanding of how the Umos Haolam view your actions and protests. In ???? ??????? Chazal talk about your ultimate end. Every protest must be weighed with intense scrutiny, seeing if you’ll bring Kiddush Shem Shamayim or Chalila the opposite. My heart breaks for you, without any guidance you’re doomed. There isn’t one competent Gadol including Hagaon Hatzaddik Morainu, Rabbainu Yoel ZTVK”L who would endorse such public Chillel Shem Shamayim over and over again. Even though Netanyau doesn’t in any way represent Klal Yisroel, as he’s a Sonai daas, the way the goyim see him, is very different and therefore see your protests as Jew verse Jew, which is the worst Chillel Hashem possible and it causes Jewish suffering and death acroos the world. Those in N.K. who constantly belittle Clal Yisroel in public are responsible for all that pain and suffering. I’m not ???? your ????? ?????.

  2. Perhaps his audience the Reform will believe him since they have no clue of reality anyway. Anyone else would be open-mouthed with amazement.

    He has lowered the bar of what is acceptable in a President, anyone should be able to beat him.

  3. The Obama administration has done more damage to Israel than any other US administration. American Jews are duty bound to vote against him next year.

  4. This guy is nuts! does he think we can all forget how Under his watch Israel signed Oslo, gave up gush katif, chevron, signed wye river memorandum? Under his watch Israel gave up more land than all previous administrations combined! Man does he have chutzpa.
    Who else loves opposite world?


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