Obama Official: Netanyahu is a “Coward”


obama3The relationship between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is at an all-time low, say officials in both countries.

Netanyahu has recently said that he has “written off” the U.S. administration, while senior Obama officials are calling the prime minister “a chicken [garbage]” and a “coward.” Other descriptions of the Israeli have runt he gamut from “blustering” to “Aspergery.”

Meanwhile, this venemous buildup may explode at the United Nations next year, when the Palestinian Authority is expected to seek full recognition for Palestine, and the U.S. could withdraw diplomatic cover for Israel. Read more at The Atlantic.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. how low can it go? obama has been like this the whole time through

    obama did not even know what the minister was saying in his church for 20+ years

    obama does not care
    time to vote him out

  2. Obama is failing his Country and at his lowest approval ratings ever! The Kenyan aught to shut his mouth and lay low for a while! Just wait until next week when he loses the Senate as well!

  3. As the saying goes “Thank you Africa for giving us Aids, Ebola, and Obama”.

    Hopefully that this November we vote out the libarels from the House and Senate, and take back this great nation from the hands of the creeps

  4. This was clearly a racist election voting for him solely because of his color and nationality. Had he been white he wouldn’t have gotten 1 vote.

  5. So let’s think this through: If Netanyahu is a “coward”, then what does make Obama?

    A coward with power.

    That is MUCH worse than just being a coward!!

  6. When Obama was campaigning for his first term, he said in an interview that one can be a friend of Israel without agreeing with the policies of Bibi Netanyahu.

    Later, he told the president of France in an ungaurded moment that “you think he’s bad? I have to deal with him everyday!

    During a press conference with Netanyahu, Obama made comments about Israel that were clearly intended to publicly disagree with Bibi, so much so, that Bibi had to stand up to him and lecture him on the spot.

    He also snubbed Netanyahu on his visit to the US by making him come through the back entrance of the white house and leaving him to eat alone.

    The official who called Bibi names has little to fear, as he is only voicing what his boss thinks.


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