Obama Reports For Jury Duty In Chicago And Is Dismissed


Former US President Barack Obama has turned up for jury duty at a Chicago courthouse, but was dismissed by the judge without being called on to serve.

Crowds thronged the Daley Center municipal building to catch a glimpse of the 44th US president, who has a home in the Illinois city.

Each potential juror receives a $17.20 check from the county. Read more at BBC.



  1. $17.20?!
    I’m surprised the Kenyan didn’t make a whole stink about racism and abuse. How can the court system have such chutzpah to even call his highness down to the Court house where only LOSERS end up sitting on juries? This bum can make $400,000.00 per half hour speech at some 2nd rate college. Why should he have to waste his time making 17 bucks an hour?


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