Obama Staff Knew About Clinton Email


clintonThe latest batch of Clinton emails published by the State Department on Tuesday revealed that President Obama’s top aides corresponded with Hillary Clinton on her private email account while she was secretary of state.

Obama aide David Axelrod is among those who communicated with the presidential contender on her private email address, while Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel requested Clinton’s address.

Axelrod and other Obama officials had previously said they were unaware of her using a personal address.

As reported earlier on Matzav, the department published an additional 1,925 emails Tuesday night, revealing the former diplomat struggled to operate a fax machine and could be a little out of the loop. Clinton writes, “I heard on the radio that there is a cabinet mtg this am. Is there? Can I go?” Read more at CNN.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. It is laughable that the Clintons always claim to not know anything and they only find out by going online or listening to the radio! And the dumb stupid Democrats are just going to coronate her despite her corruptness?!


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