Obama to Iran: Freeze Nuke Program



President Obama says Iran needs to stop its nuclear program for at least 10 years in order to reach an atomic deal. “If, in fact, Iran is willing to agree to double-digit years of keeping their program where it is right now and, in fact, rolling back elements of it that currently exist … if we’ve got that, and we’ve got a way of verifying that, there’s no other steps we can take that would give us such assurance that they don’t have a nuclear weapon,” Obama said in an interview with Reuters.

Israel has expressed concern that the U.S. approach won’t stop Iran from developing a nuke.

He noted that there’s a “substantial disagreement” between the White House and Israel on the issue, but it wouldn’t be “permanently destructive” to the relationship. Read more at Reuters.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Do not believe a word that this silver-tongued devil is saying. He is highly adept at speaking out of both sides of his big mouth.

    Obama is the SHAKRAN-IN-CHIEF of the United States.


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