Obama Unveils $3.7 Trillion Budget


obamaThe ball is in your court, Congress.

President Obama delivered his 2013 budget to Congress in a brief press conference, saying, “Our economy is poised for progress, as long as Washington doesn’t get in the way.”

The $3.77 trillion spending plan looks largely the same as the deal Republicans rejected during the “fiscal cliff” negotiations at the end of last year, but with cuts to Social Security designed to get fiscal hawks back to the table. It also calls for almost $250 billion in new spending on public works and expanded preschool education and $800 billion in new taxes, including a new 94-cent tax on cigarettes. Among the bill’s more unique provisions isĀ $78 million for NASA to “pursue innovative approaches to visiting an asteroid.”

Read more at The Washington Post.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The Fed govt does not need money – it needs self-control. Correction: it needs taxpayer control. Now is the time for decreasing the number of people, and the length of their terms, at the public trough.
    What is the reason for taxes? To pay for necessary government activitiy.
    That does not include student loans, subsidized housing loans, swimming pools, landscaping of senators’ buildings, free medical coverage for legislators and all the other freebies we American public have become used to blindly approving.


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