Obama Wants 1 Million Americans’ DNA



President Obama is looking to create a massive biobank that would include the medical records and genetic information of one million Americans.

The White House is set to announce plans for the biobank, which would cost hundreds of millions of dollars, according to scientists familiar with the proposal.

The biobank would use existing medical records, rather than solicit data from volunteers, and it would have the potential to discover new disease-gene associations. The U.K., Iceland, and Japan have already established similar biobanks. Read more at ScienceMag.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. This bum doesn’t represent me at all. He is seriously delusional in his desire to rule/lord over the entire world.

  2. I thought he already has it and it is called Obamacare. Isn’t all the information in the computer about everything medical and financial already, maybe his group can’t figure out how to get into the website to get the information out, they should ask their pal Gruber maybe he can help.


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