Obama Welcomes Nuclear Deal With Iran


obama1President Barack Obama said the ‘framework’ agreement on curbing Iran’s nuclear program was “a good deal – a deal that meets our core objectives.”

He stressed that the nuclear deal – if completed – will make US, its allies, and the world safer. The American president also claimed that the deal shut down Iran’s path to constructing a bomb using enriched uranium but warned that the deal does not end US mistrust of the Islamic Republic.

Obama was scheduled to be away, but he delayed his departure as negotiators in Switzerland hammered out final details of a framework agreement. Obama has invested significant political capital in the nuclear negotiations. The talks have strained the US relationship with Israel and deepened tensions with Congress.

While Obama praised the ‘historic’ deal, one of his toughest challenges will be convincing Congress to hold off on legislation that would authorize new sanctions on Iran. The president has warned that the legislation could upend the delicate diplomacy.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. sure he welcomes it cause hes a muslim-bnei yishmael & HE SUPPORTS iRAN CAUSE HOW can he go against his own muslim brothers.

    do you need to be a genius to realize this?

    wake up & smell the coffee with the future in store for the USA, ISRAEL & klal yisroel….

    only way to stop this is PURE TESHUVA with kinnus & fasting. Hashem is waiting.

  2. Let me state that Hillary would do the same deal with Iran.

    She also subscribes to the leftist philosophy of “deal-making” even if America gets the short end of the stick.

  3. When is he going on his first official visit. (PSST… His previous visits are a secret since he doesn’t want EVERYONE to realize who he is when he would bow down to the Ayatollah.)


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