Obama White House Tries to Ridicule Netanyahu on Iran with Bomb Graphic



The White House has employed a graphic first used by Bibi Netanyahu to push its case for a nuclear deal with Iran that the Israeli Prime Minister opposes. On Wednesday the president’s office posted a tweet that borrowed the graphic representation of a bomb that Netanyahu had used during a speech to the United Nation’s General Assembly in which he warned of Iran’s growing nuclear capability.

The Obama administration is at odds with Netanyahu over the framework for a nuclear deal reached last week with Iran.

“The alternative to this bad agreement is not war but a good agreement, which can be achieved. But to do this, we have to stand firm and insist on the terms that will secure the safety of Israel, the region, and the world,” Netanyahu said in a statement issued last week.

The White House contends that this is the best chance at stopping Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

“What I would say to the Israeli people is … that there is no formula, there is no option, to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon that will be more effective than the diplomatic initiative and framework that we put forward,” Obama told the New York Times’ Thomas Friedman over the weekend. “And that’s demonstrable.”




  1. The Obama graphic does not disclose that he is working for the other side, so the real deal, concealed from the public will be worse yet.


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