Obama’s Biggest Accomplishment


obama-iranIt will not be Obamacare or the Wall Street reform, for these measures are reversible, albeit with difficulty; rather, the most important consequence of Obama’s Presidency, if he gets another term, will be nuclear  armed Iran.   The sanctions are not working.   They have hurt Iran’s economy, and resulted in some protests, but are far from toppling Iranian government, and the nuclear program is proceeding, and according to the IAEA report of 9/12 it has even accelerated. (1)

This was clear years ago.  Iran is controlled by Islamic fundamentalists, the same type of guys as those who blow themselves up on Jerusalem buses.  When such people have an opportunity to get nuclear weapons, and kill millions of infidels at once, they will not give it up because of economic sanctions; but, unfortunately, the words “Islamic fundamentalist” do not seem to be a part of Obama’s lexicon, therefore he mocked McCain for his intention to bomb Iran, and now Iran’s nuclear program is nearly complete.

Furthermore, Obama’s red line does not make sense, because it means that America will not attack Iran until they are ready to assemble the bomb.  The problem is that once they have enough enriched uranium it will be a very short time to complete the weapon, so the chances are that by the time we are ready to attack, it will be too late.

Worse yet, Obama has prevented Israel from attacking Iran’s reactor.  He even went so far as to publicise Israel’s acquisition of access to an airbase in Azerbaijan. Even the liberal NY Times pointed out that his recent naval maneuvers in the straight of Hormuz were more focused on stopping Israel than Iran (2).

Romney, on the other had has said that his red line is the same as Israel’s, which is “nuclear capability”, and even if he does not send American bombers, at least he will not stop Israel the way Obama did.

Most Americans are not very concerned about this; perhaps they think that far away Iran does not pose a real threat to American population.  This is a mistake.  As Netanyahu pointed out in his UN speech, Iran has built a global terrorist network. It has contacts with Mexican drug lords, attempted to kill the Saudi ambassador on the American soil, carried out an attack in Bulgaria, etc (3).  Just imagine these terrorists armed with nuclear weapons!

Once terrorists are armed with nuclear weapons, it will be virtually impossible to disarm them, and the world will enter the new dark era: the era of nuclear terrorism!   This is something to keep in mind on November 6th!

1. http://www.iaea.org/Publications/Documents/Board/2012/gov2012-37.pdf (see pages 3 and 4)
2. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/03/world/middleeast/us-is-weighing-new-curbs-on-iran-in-nod-to-israel.html?_r=1&hp
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  1. Matzav, this is an asinine assumption. Do you want Mitt Romney to bomb Iran maybe with a nuclear warhead too. Check your Bible and realize that G-d has a purpose for his creation. Mitt Romney might be the end of it.

  2. Our recent naval maneuvers in the Straight of Hormuz were executed in cooperation with Israel. Please cite the sentence from footnote 2 that you had in mind, because it is not clear that you interpreted the article correctly.

  3. You say in this very fair article that Obama stopped Israel from attacking Iran. How did Obama do this and when? Were did you get the facts to print this?


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