Obama’s Office Asks for Removal of Maccabeats Video

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obama-jewish-monthMatzav.com, in the Featured Video section, recently presented a video of the famed Maccabetas singing group performing for President Barack Obama at a reception in the White House in honor of American Jewish Heritage Month, the month of May. American Jewish Heritage Month pays tribute to the American Jews who have helped form the fabric of American history, culture and society.

As part of the entertainment at the event, the Maccabeats were invited to sing several songs. They also did an impromptu acapella chant, with beautiful harmonies, of  “Four More Years,” which was the video posted on Matzav.com.

The Office of the President, however, has asked that the video be removed from the internet and Matzav.com has acceded to that request.

It is not clear, though, why the Office of the President found the harmless, innocuous video of the Jewish acapella choir performing to President Obama’s applause problematic.

Mordy Prus, a baritone with The Maccabeats, told Matzav.com that following the President’s request, the group removed the video from Youtube. They then asked Matzav.com, which had hosted by the video on its own server, to remove it as well.

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  1. There was story back in the day when NCSY adopted Torah: It’s the real thing posted on a “coke” wave background Coca Cola was concerned how their brand was being used.
    In other words the country does not have a person as President but a product with a brand.

  2. Very simple. Obama does not want to be seen in public with Jews, let alone orthodox ones. Remember his “no photos allowed” meeting with Netanyahu?

  3. Flatbush, I dont think you know what socialism means. Dont feel bad neither does Rush.
    Heres what a simple search turns up “A political and economic theory of that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole”
    There now you know.

  4. can someone please enlighten me as to why they had to go to the white house in the first place? dont jewish boys belong behind the shtender? we dont have to try to impress goyim. i think you’ll all agree with me. i happen to be a maccabeats fan but i also happen to be a fan of sittting in bais medrash and shteiging. any comments?

  5. Matzav, why would you agree to the Maccabeats request?! They gave you the video and now it’s yours!
    This is a free country and obviously President 0 feels threatened with a candid non-doctored video. You are helping perpetuate this lunacy of an administration.
    Chaim Shmiel is 100% right!

  6. What’e the problem. I also agree that it should come down! Why should frum Yidden want four more years of President Obama?

  7. Take it easy. If the video had anything resembling an endorsement or campaign slogan, it may have violated Federal campaign laws. I do agree, however, that he should go.

  8. # 9, emes,
    Thanks for the definition. And it does precisely define Obama’s political thought processes. He thinks like a socialist, and almost all of his legislation reflects socialist principles.

  9. #20, even if that where the case it would have about zero to do with he discussion at hand namely “Obama’s office asks for removal of maccabeats video”

  10. #18 is probably right. I’m not beki on campaign law, but it could easily have been considered a campaign ad.

  11. Why did you agree to the White house demands? Why did you not find out why the request was made? Don’t you folks have common sense?

  12. Instead of the unbecoming name calling–wow–my rabbi would cry if he read these nasty comments–why not get in touch with the White House press secretary and ASK like a real man would do?

    The silly argument that he did this for the Arabs forgets that in the fortcoming election it is the Jewish vote here that he wants to retain.

  13. Anyone who think “Barry” had anything to do with this specific decision when it came from his office is completely mesuggah.

  14. Obama has no business pulling a video that has been released, unless it affects national security. I can’t image a video of these wounderful singers threating the security of our nation. Shame on Mr Obama. I think he just doesn’t like…

  15. I’m sure I know why the White House wanted it removed. Right before they sang it, the president asked something like “it’ll be short?”. That really unnerved me. Only after they sang the words “4 more years”, did he say “I like it”!!

  16. Censorship. Bad.
    Capitulating to pressure from Muslims. Bad.
    Marginalizing Jews. Bad.
    Spread the news of this far and wide. It’s absolutely disgusting!
    (And shame on the Maccabeats for singing “Four More Years” for this president. Are they awake and paying attention?)

  17. For any of the jewish people to give him the time of day, I am like wow. After his demand for Israel to go back to the 1967 borders; all of the Jews should realize he is a traitor and will stab Israel in the back. How long peoples? How long before you wake up here in America to see he is destroying Israel ( your country men) just like America.

  18. Am I missing something? Why did Matzav comply? You choose to kneel instead of stand?

    How clueless can you people be? You suck up to those who hate you and turn your back on those who defend you.

  19. No self-respecting religious Jew would ever wish Obama 4 more years. 4 more years, why? So the country can sink into further economic depression, so the medical industry can be obliterated, so Israel would be pressured into giving up Yerushalayim, Yesha, etc., the Arab countries would all turn “democratic,” i.e. fall to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda, with our taxpayer dollars supporting it, and so America can become another emasculated country, a banana republic bowing down to our communist Chinese masters? No way and no thanks.

  20. Um #39. I hat to break it to you but most if not all of those occured under bush not Obama. shall we break it down?
    “So the country can sink into further economic depression,” The one Bush started?
    ” so the medical industry can be obliterated,”
    Not sure what you mean, Our medical records arent one to be proud of (though this has been the case before bush came to office)
    “so Israel would be pressured into giving up Yerushalayim, Yesha, etc.,” – You mean “yesh” azah was given away already remeber? Guess which President pushed for it? Ill give you a hint its the same president who pushed Olmert to agree to give up the rest of Yesh and half of yerushalyim, a plan Obama hopes to carry out. Give up? You can read about it in his book decision points
    “the Arab countries would all turn “democratic,” i.e. fall to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda, with our taxpayer dollars supporting it,” Like Hamas in gaza or hezbulla in Lebanon?
    “and so America can become another emasculated country,” not more emasculated than we were after the greatest terroist attack against us went unpunished for so long. But dont worry, that part is partially fixed
    “a banana republic bowing down to our communist Chinese masters?” guess who sarted racking up all that chinese dept?
    ” No way and no thanks.” agreed!
    which is why the last thing we need in the white house is another Republican. Luckily there is a 0.001% chance of that happening so sleep tight.

  21. this man is a moron and an idiot he is a poor leader and you can tell by the way he reacts to things like this that he does NOT LIKE JEWS and does anybody else think that he is maybe collaborating with some kind of terrorist group or that he might be under control by some higher force.

    although i am pretty sure that he is antisemitic that is just my opion

  22. Young Macabeats, wake up! Our country cannot afford 4 more years, neither can the homeland of your forefathers. Self-deception is the worst kind. Hope your eyes are opened by this.

  23. I am not one to usually post comments on the internet, but this article, and even more so the comments are completely ridiculous. Obama hosted the Maccabeats at the JEWISH AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH RECEPTION. Regardless of how you feel about his politics and religion the deranged comments about his hiding his Jewish connections is greatly disturbing. The entire reception was streamed live from the White House. No one was hiding anything. The White House staff simply does not want personal videos of the President posted. As mentsches, the Maccabeats obliged. I did not vote for Obama, but to make something so insignificant into a news-worthy article at least makes me happy that Matzav does not have any news to report as no news is always good news.

  24. The Maccabeats deny the whole story of the removal of the video’s on their facebook page,
    never happened!


    Matzav Editor responds:

    We know what we were told and have the emails documented. Now that it has erupted into a national story following Matzav.com’s report, there may be some people trying to backtrack and attempting to change the story, but, as we said, we know what we were initially told, and that was that the Office of the President clearly requested that the video be removed. End of story.

  25. Remember, Obama is feeling the heat from his true buddies- Rashid Khalidi, Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Jeremiah Wright all of whom would be less than pleased with this association with Maccabeatas. Also I live in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s cong. district and she is a self hating Jew who supports pro- palestinian causes and quietly assisted the flotilla last year. Am Yisroel Chai G-D bless Israel AND HER supporters especially Glenn “Chaim” Beck.

  26. Evidently, the president’s former, 20 year religious mentor/leader, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, objected to, “Them Jews”, as the Rev. Wright refers to those who are Jewish.

  27. If President Obama (let’s give him his correct title please) was such a “Jew hater”, as most of the comments seem to iterate, why would he have selected a Jewish person (namely Rahm Emanuel)to become his first chief of staff, and entrust him with so much “power”? That doesn’t make any sense to me at all. You might disagree with much of his foreign and/or domestic policy – which is your right – but calling him a “Jew hater” seems somewhat over the top! And calling yourselves such “frum” people, then encouraging each other with your distastful remarks doesn’t sound very Jewish to me! Thank goodness most Americans don’t open and read this site, because as a fellow JEW I would be embarrassed to have non-Jewish Americans see your disgusting comments.


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