One Day to Change Lives



This coming year, Shuvu will IY”H be opening its doors to 4 new Shuvu schools and 1,000 new students.

Created by Hagaon Harav Avraham Pam zt”l, Shuvu has been transforming the Torah landscape of Eretz Yisrael for the past 27 years. Now, 74 schools and tens of thousands students later, the organization’s schools and after-school programs serve the needs of children and their families from many countries, including Russia and new French Olim as well as the children of secular Israelis.

By instilling a love of Torah and Yiddishkeit in its students, and working with the families, Shuvu has changed tens of thousands of lives.

Today, Shuvu turns to the entire community to join in its expansion for the future – BECAUSE YOUR DONATION TODAY IS SUPER-CHARGED!

During these 24 hours, every donation you make to SHUVU will be matched 3 times by a team of generous matchers, quadrupling your donation!

Make Your Donation to K’lal Yisroel worth 4 x What you give!

Join Shuvu in one day to change lives by clicking HERE!

You can also donate by stopping in at our Call Centers listed below:

BORO PARK: 5218 16th Avenue, Monday 5 PM – 12 AM and Tuesday 9-5

LAKEWOOD: Concord Title Agency, 500 River Avenue Suite, Monday 7 PM – 10 PM and Tuesday 9-5

MARINE PARK: Marine Park call center, 2076 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11234 between Avenue P and Quinton Road from 7-10 pm Monday night

MONSEY: 972 Route 45, Pamona NY, Monday 8 PM – 10 PM and Tuesday 9 – 5


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