One Year Since Comey Letter Delivers Death Blow To Clinton Presidential Hopes


Hillary Clinton wishes you a happy James Comey Letter Day, which will be henceforth celebrated/mourned every October 28 to mark what Clinton insists is what cost her the 2016 election.

In her book What Happened and in numerous media appearances since her surprise election loss to President Donald Trump, Clinton has pointed to the October 28 letter Comey sent to Congress as determinative in her defeat.

“I was on the way to winning” the race until the then-FBI Director sent the letter that day, Clinton said in May. Clinton has repeatedly blasted Comey for the move, saying there was no justification for it and that the news coverage of the letter destroyed her momentum against Trump. Read more at the Daily Caller.



  1. Hillary, you were never on the way to winning. Your phony polls got into your head until you believed it yourself. Already 2 months earlier, in August 2016 App Maker said that Trump will be winning in a landslide since he was constantly 15-25 points ahead on the real polls.

  2. Wrong Hillary you lost because you are scum and the only reason you would have won is because the media constantly covered for you had they down to you what they do to trump you would not have stood a chance in the first place

    • Especially that less than 15% of the American public actually voted for her and the rest of her “popular votes” were frauds and rigged machines.

  3. I wish she would just go away already.
    I have never seen such a sore looser.
    Just this morning she was yapping on the radio again all selfrighteus and bombastic.

    Losing should mean we never need to hear from her again.


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