Online Right Fumes After YouTube Ad Crackdown


YouTube is in hot water with conservative users and creators, with the Google-owned video giant accused of discriminating against the right as YouTube takes ads off content that it says violates the terms of service.

YouTube says that its efforts are aimed at cracking down on hate speech, but conservative and right-wing video creators say they’re frustrated by the changes.

Luke Rudkowski, a YouTube video creator who has made his name chronicling various far-right figures, claims that hundreds of his videos had been demonetized at the beginning of the month, effectively killing his ability to make money on the platform.

“I haven’t even been cursing in any of my videos,” Rudkowski said, acknowledging that many of his videos are controversial. “And then YouTube invites people for this platform, which I joined and put my entire life into. And then YouTube just says ‘you know? We’re going to change our terms and services.”  Read more at The Hill.



  1. Google is a typical liberal leftist intolerant hate organization. The only hate speech they find are among the conservative and right-wing. About time YouTube is replaced with another video sharing organization.


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