Oorah is Giving Away Tickets to Israel – 3 Days Left


oorah-sukkos-5771-1Chanukah is a big time for Oorah, both their kiruv and marketing departments have their hands full during these 8 days.

On the kiruv side, Oorah has one of their largest recruitment drives reaching out to potential kiruv families and enticing them to get involved in one of the many programs the organization has to offer. This past Tuesday night, unknown to most of the frum world, Oorah rented out the Brooklyn College auditorium and hosted a free concert to their existing kiruv families and many potential new kiruv families that were enticed to come to the free concert. They quickly filled up with close to 2,500 people attending.  

At the concert Rav Chaim Mintz delivered a very passionate plea to all those in attendance to get more involved with the various programs the organization has to offer and ended off his speech by getting everyone in attendance to recite Shema Yisroel out loud in unison. This coming Shabbos, they will also be hosting a shabbaton in their upstate facility catering to a few hundred children who will be attending.

And on the marketing side, Oorah is well known for their exciting and creative raffles. This is especially true with their annual daily Chanukah raffle. This year they raised the bar and are raffling off 5 TICKETS A DAY TO ISRAEL! To enter the raffle and support this wonderful organization simply click here.



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