Oorah’s Auction Winners


oorah-auction-winnersOorah and Matzav.com thank all those who participated in Oorah’s Chinese Auction, a smashing event on Motzoei Shabbos broadcast live right here on Matzav.com. So who won? Well, click here to view a list of the lucky auction winners. Every entry has helped Oorah bring Jewish children closer to our heritage. Add that vital fact to the great prizes, bonuses and free gifts, and there was no way to lose. Until next time, Fivish wishes all Matzav.com readers the very best. (Remember, he’s only buying the ArtScroll Gemaros for his wife! After all, his rosh yeshiva said that Oorah is a choshuveh ‘organazatzia‘!)

{Matzav.com Newscenter Team}


  1. I clicked this determine to fargin all the winners, and gave them this bracha: that they should enjoy their prizes, not have a headache with any taxes involved, and that they shouldn’t bring complications to their lives (like the people who win the Israel trips who realize how impractical and impossible using them are). Mazel tov and to Oorah, tizku l’mitzvos and hatzlacha.


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