Oorah’s Giving Away 12 FREE Laptops or iPads


oorah-laptop-giveawayOorah’s giving away laptops and iPads. Don’t miss it- this April 30th, twelve lucky winners will be chosen. That’s one winner every hour, on the hour, of a brand-new laptop or iPad! And it’s FREE to enter. YOU could be the owner of a laptop or an iPad (your choice!) just by entering here.

And with your minimum donation of $40 to the Oorah Auction, you could make that prize a laptop AND an iPad. As an Oorah donor, if your name is chosen, instead of winning a laptop or an iPad, you take home both! How sweet is that? Donate now and be automatically entered to win both.

At risk of sounding repetitive, let’s go through this again. You can enter to win a laptop or iPad- for free. No purchase required at all. OR you can donate to the Oorah Auction (the famous one where every prize is only $5) and win both a laptop and an iPad. No choice necessary. What more do we need to say?!

There will be live drawings every hour, on the hour, all Tuesday long. Check in all day for live entertainment and to see if you’ve won. Enter now and that new laptop or iPad may just be yours.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. to #1. if you only can read english than it’s permitted l’chatchillah with a proper filter. only if you can read hebrew is it forbidden l’chatchillah with a filter, unless you work and need it for parnassah.

  2. nothing is free
    they aquire millions of emails this way – which is worth way more to Oorah than 12 laptops
    now you know


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