Oorah’s Really Early Bird Deadline: Today!


oorahBy now, Oorah’s Auction catalog, seen in mailboxes across the country, has been the subject of conversations and imaginations of young and not so young alike. By entering the Oorah Auction,┬áparticipants could win a wide selection of prizes, which run from the typical, to the zany, to the practical. Prizes are all priced at $5 per entry.

Send in your order of $36 or more TODAY by 7 p.m. and you will be entered into Oorah’s Really Early Bird Raffle. The winner receives a state of the art massage chair. Entries can be made online at Oorah.org.

FREE GIFTS: In gratitude to its loyal supporters, Oorah also offers a choice of beautiful Free Gifts to donors of $250 or more.

BONUS PRIZES: With your minimum donation you receive free entry into Oorah’s Bonus Prizes which include: $20,000 Shopping Spree, Make a Mish, and $25,000 Cash.

All online entries get put into a free $500 raffle.

Every entry into Oorah’s Auction helps Oorah raise money for its renowned and respected kiruv work. The Auction has become an annual tradition, generating tremendous excitement and participation with its luxurious, imaginative prizes.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


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