Orthodox Union Statement on Today’s Supreme Court Rulings

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ou-emblem2Today, the leadership of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America issued the following statement:

“In response to the decisions announced today by the United States Supreme Court with reference to the federal Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8, we reiterate the historical position of the Jewish faith, enunciated unequivocally in our Bible, Talmud and Codes, which forbids homosexual relationships and condemns the institutionalization of such relationships as marriages. Our religion is emphatic in defining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman. Our beliefs in this regard are unalterable. At the same time, we note that Judaism teaches respect for others and we condemn discrimination against individuals.

We are grateful that we live in a democratic society, in which all religions are free to express their opinions about social issues and to advocate vigorously for those opinions. The reason we opt to express our viewpoint in a public forum is because we believe that our Divine system of law not only dictates our beliefs and behaviors, but also represents a system of universal morality, and therefore can stake a claim in the national discourse. That morality, expressed in what has broadly been labeled Judeo-Christian ethics, has long had a place in American law and jurisprudence.

We also recognize that no religion has the right to dictate its beliefs to the entire body politic and we do not expect that secular law will always align with our viewpoint. Ultimately, decisions on social policy remain with the democratic process, and today the process has spoken and we accord the process and its result the utmost respect.

The Orthodox Union is proud to assert its beliefs and principles in the public forum, and will continue to do so in a manner that is tolerant and respectful of all of our nation’s citizens, but which is also authentically based upon our sacred ancient texts and time-honored traditions.”

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  1. The Defense of Marriage Act was passed democratically(majority of Congress and signed by President) by democratically elected representatives of the people(demos). Five lawyers legislating from the bench is anything but democratic.

  2. Too weak.

    “the process has spoken and we accord the process and its result the utmost respect.”

    The process was corrupted, as documented elsewhere, and does not deserve “the utmost respect”.

  3. The Supreme Court is suppose to be there to make sure that Congress does not infringe on our fundamental rights and equal protection. They were just doing their job. Without that, the society would be free to pass law banning jews from working, enrolling their schools…Freedom of religion comes with a price..

  4. “the process has spoken and we accord the process and its result the utmost respect.”
    This phrase is a shame upon Klal Yisroel. We are tolerant, but we have ZERO RESPECT for people who engage in such despicable acts, who according to our Torah kills and destroys society and mankind.

  5. If you’d write DOMA in Hebrew it would be spelled this way: Dalet, vav, mem, he. That gives us DUMA the guardian angel of Gehinam. Scary!


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