Orthodox Woman Hired As New Dean Of University Of Chicago Divinity School


The University of Chicago Divinity School has named an Orthodox Jewish woman as its new dean.

Zoloth, a bioethicist and a scholar of religion and Judaic studies, was the inaugural director of the Jewish studies program at San Francisco State University, and in 2014 was the president of the American Academy of Religion.

Laurie Zoloth, 67, was born to secular Jewish family but became Orthodox in her college years.

According to Frank Yamada, the executive director of the Association of Theological Schools, Zoloth is the first Jewish dean of any university divinity school. Read more here.





  1. It’s about time. She will clear up the mess ousoy hoish made. She will bring the geulah and shalom. She will get my son into a descent yeshivot and get me a raise. I Get paid very poorly and have shalom byis problems. I started taking vitamins but is it really helping? Who knows, but I keep going and then you know what happens. This professor lady is a g—d send. Teshuva starts soon.


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