OU Congratulates Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis as Newly Elected British Chief Rabbi


ephraim-mirvisThe Orthodox Union, which embraces over 800 synagogues in North America, extended its congratulations to Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis on his selection as the eleventh British Chief Rabbi.

“Just as we worked closely with his distinguished predecessor, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, who was a regular participant in OU events, including serving as Scholar-in-Residence at the 2008 OU Convention in Jerusalem, we hope to develop similar ties with Rabbi Mirvis and to provide him with ample opportunities to share his wisdom with the OU constituency,” wrote the OU.

Rabbi Mirvis comes to his new position from the Finchley Synagogue, one of the largest congregations in Britain. A native of South Africa, he previously served as Chief Rabbi of Ireland; he is also a shochet, mohel and chazzan.

“We look forward to welcoming Rabbi Mirvis at regular intervals and to consulting with him on the problems and issues we jointly face. Similarly, we hope he will give us the opportunity to make use of his prodigious talents and eloquence at events and programs of the Orthodox Union. We wish him hatzlachah and many years of accomplishment serving the British Orthodox community,” concluded the OU in its statement.

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    From a website for his shul.

    “Born and raised in South Africa, Rabbi Mirvis gained a BA in Education and Classical Hebrew from the University of South Africa. He received his Semicha from Machon Ariel, Jerusalem (1978 – 80), having also studied at Herzlia High School, Cape Town (1968 – 73), Yeshivat Kerem BeYavne (1973 – 76) and Yeshivat Har Etzion (1976 – 78). He is qualified as a teacher in Israeli High Schools (Yaakov Herzog Teachers Institute) and also qualified as a shochet and mohel. Rabbi Mirvis is a great lover of music. He studied voice production for five years in Jerusalem with renowned tenor, Yakov Roden.”


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