Outrage Over Berlusconi’s Claims Of Holocaust Denial


italian-prime-minister-silvio-berlusconiItalian ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi’s claim that Germans denied the existence of concentration camps “was so absurd that the German government won’t comment,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Feibert today.

Over the weekend the media magnate said that “for the Germans the concentration camps never existed,” in a fresh attack on his old foe, European Parliament Speaker Martin Schulz, whom he described as a death-camp trusty in a widely criticised jab after taking over the EU’s rotating presidency in 2003.

Berlusconi insisted he is a friend of Jewish people and Germany in a bid to quell international outrage sparked by his controversial remarks.

The former premier said he was “a historic friend of the Jewish people and the state of Israel” and it was “surreal to attribute to me anti-German sentiment or a presumed hostility towards the German people, to whom I am a friend.”




  1. This headline and story are a distortion of what happened. Berlusconi has been a great supporter of Israel.

    If you would know the way it was said you wouldn’t go along with the liberal attempted lynching here.

  2. Whether or not we agree with his political opinions he has been a friend of Israel and of Italian Jews. And he was ousted without a vote.


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